How to fix Print Spooler Error 1053

Posted on April 19th, 2013

Print Spooler Error 1053 can appear when you try to install new printer to your computer or just when you try to print anything. This error means that the service does not register its state as started in service control manager. So, the service just does not respond to the start or control request. If you will open the services, then you will notice the print spooler service is stopped. You can restart the service, but the error can appear again and again, preventing printer from work and upsetting you. If you want to fix print spooler error 1053, then you should read this article till the end and find the solution that will solve your problem with print spooler service.

The main symptom of this error is the appearance of the error message that will persist to appear every time when you will try to add a printer or to print any documents. Here is the error message:

print spooler error 1053

“Windows could not start the Print Spooler service on Local Computer.
Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.”

The reason of such an error is the software malfunction, for example the corrupted printer driver. There are several methods how to fix Print Spooler Error 1053 on your computer. If you see this error for the first time, then you can restart the service manually and, I hope, you will not see this error anymore. So, here are the first instructions how to solve the issue:

  1. Right-click Computer on your Desktop, then select Manage.
  2. You will see Computer Management window. Select Services and applications in the left column, then select Services and you will see that the middle column will display the list of the available services.
  3. 3. You should find Print Spooler service in the list and double click it. You will see the window, where you can restart the service. The Startup type should be Automatic. Change it, if it differs. So, click Start button and click OK.

If the printer still does not work and the error appears again, then you should try to perform other instructions. Follow the items in order to fix print spooler error 1053. There two ways how to perform this method. You can choose the one of the two you find better to perform:

  1. You should use Command Prompt, for that you should press Windows+R buttons, then type the command:

    and press Enter. You should not type quotes in the command, just the text.

  3. Or you can use Registry Editor to perform the same operation. So, press Windows+R buttons, then type regedit in the line of Command Prompt that will appear, then you should press Enter. You will see the Registry Editor, where you should find the following registry key:


Then you should open DependOnService value (double-click it), remove there everything, then type RPCSS instead. Close the Registry Editor. If you decide to perform the second way of performing this method, then you should not forget to do the backup copy of the registry for the case if you will do a mistake and remove anything that is really needed. If this method also was not useful in your case, then you should perform the following recommendations:

  1. You should open the following directory: %windir%\system32. Try to find there the following files: spoolss.dll and spoolsv.exe. If they exist, then perform the instructions till the end.
  2. You should check the size of spoolsv.exe file. It should be 545 KB. If this is the size of your file then try to perform the methods below. If not, then continue. The issue is that the system can sometimes back up the file and replace it accidentally. So, you should correct this mistake.
  3. Rename spoolsv.exe to spoolsv.bak, then rename spoolss.dll to spoolss.bak.
  4. Then you should open services as we do it in the first method (see the first instructions how to solve the issue in this article).

If no methods, advised by me, were successful, then you can also try to obtain Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1. This Pack includes the main updates and drivers for the print spooler service and may be this pack will solve the print spooler error 1053 on your computer. So, you should open the official website of Microsoft corporation, download the pack and install it.
You can also use special Microsoft Fix It. This program is able to fix print spooler errors on different versions of Windows OS. So, you can try to download Microsoft Fix It form the official website, install it and run. You should select the recommended action (to detect the problem). Perhaps it will find and fix Print Spooler Error 1053 on your computer. Here is download link for Microsoft Spooler Fix It:

spooler fix it

There is one more special program that you can use: Printer Spooler Fix Wizard. According to statistics this tool is even more effective than Microsoft Fix It. Printer Spooler Fix Wizard is able to fix all the types of print spooler problems and of course it will fix print spooler error 1053. You can download this program, using the download link from this page. The only disadvantage of this program is that this tool is paid. Download it Here:

Get it from CNET!

So, I hope, that at least one of the suggested instructions was helpful for you and your printer begin to print again.

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